Andrea Balcarcel

Born in Guatemala, Andrea Rosales Balcarcel spent the early half of her childhood in a warm and colorful neighborhood.  At eight years old, her connection to the world around her changed with her family’s move to the States.  Living in a new town in Connecticut, where the scenery was foreign, the people were not the ones she had grown up loving, and the language was difficult to grasp. Andrea developed the habit of walking around her new surroundings,  mapping herself to the sights that slowly became familiar to her. 

As she grew older, this habit became a part of life, as she documented the connection to her world through sketches, photographs, and objects she had collected during her walks.  Drawn to the city she had first seen from a plane, Andrea left the world she had mapped for herself in Connecticut, to attend Pratt Institute in 2012 for a BFA in Jewelry and a minor in Art History.  Now living in Brooklyn, she continues to map herself to her immediate surroundings through a documentation of tangible objects and sights that she weaves into her work. 


Photography courtesy of the Adam Atkinson.